Welcome to Shadow Circle :An International Journal of Contemporary Theatre



“All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.”
― Seán O’Casey

Shadow circle defines genuinely the means of unconscious that quite often unexpressed due to not having an exponent – a vehicle which is supposed to have power to say the rarest things that hardly gets paid attention whether it is problem of an individual or society. There is always juxtaposition between individual and society that breaks conflict and makes one rebellious against social set of patterns where somebody hardly gets heard or allowed to speak their desires. In this case, most of them either feel tongue- tied or abandoned by the majority of like-minded people they have faith in the reluctance of fundamentalism that gives birth to a better chaos where creativity discovers its own way and flourishes with wisdom. A world of stage having miracle that derives even to the most vulnerable character into a walking shadow. They really want to live that life and try to whisper some deep philosophy through soliloquies or monologues which makes everyone believe in them and get everybody blows away with the character who is chosen for roles larger than life like Hamlet, Macbeth, Lear, Faustus or Pygmalion, Saint John, Jimmy Porter to Blunschilli by the power of empathy that helps each audience to let loose with their emotion and get tapped on the right chord of emotional quotient what they feel from the innermost. Though, actors do not have any resemblance to the characters they play on stage, nonetheless, having power to give audience better catharsis and this is what depends upon the capability of the actor.
Life on stage is the life or the life without stage?
There is ambiguity between reality and dream, Why do we ponder over life if do not know philosophy of life? Is life playing pranks with us and make us pseudo actor on earthly stage giving a role for a long time play. Do we have some other roles after one life like one play is over? What is life expectancy? Is it time that is given to a character to play something considered worthwhile? This is the only craft that can transform us into a different world.
The chief concern of this forum is to bring likeminded people together so that they can share their philosophical journey from one world to another world.

Dhruva Harsh

Editor-In-Chief,  Shadow Circle 

Mumbai, India.